As a company we invest the time to fully understand the needs of our clients and their projects, making our tailored services and support strategies that much more effective

fitness Development FITNESS

Our development fitness program is a culmination of over 15 years of experience providing specialist engineering services to the design and construction sector and a deep understanding of the requirements and challenges that face the modern developer.

The fitness program is made up of two core services; the “Health Check” and the “Development Diet” created to work in conjunction with each other to reduce development and operational cost by up to 40% whilst improving constructability, delivery time and final development performance.


An AVEO development health check is a free service that provides the opportunity to have a design appraised by our team of expert engineers prior to tender; highlighting critical risks, errors and areas for improvement before proceeding to construction, where fixing these issues become hugely costly and time-consuming.

How does the Health Check work?

It starts with the AVEO project guarantee that ensures complete project privacy and secure document management. Our team of engineers then start the “health check”, using their industry expertise to scrupulously appraise the development design against our unique 10 sector, 150 point “health check” matrix.

Once the team have completed the “health check matrix” our custom algorithm processes the results in-line with the bespoke development priorities supplied by the client to provide a user-friendly dashboard overview of the health of the design.

What does the dashboard show?

We understand that each development and each developer is different and therefore we add their specific development priorities to the appraisal process, resulting in every health check dashboard being completely unique and tailored precisely to the development.

The following list outlines the information that’s contained within the health check dashboard (specific criteria can be appraised upon request):

  • Overall development health rating
  • Cost rating (potential cost implications of not addressing findings)
  • Time scale/development schedule implications
  • Projected development performance
  • Number of critical issues (includes safety issues)
  • Description of critical issues
  • Number of items for improvement and sectors they fall within
  • Number of errors and the area/item i.e. elevation drawings etc.
  • Recommendations (regards next steps)

Health Check benefits

  • Free service (standard appraisal criteria)
  • Opportunity to appraise design prior to tender phase
  • Impartial review process
  • Industry expert appraisal
  • Contains enough information for developer to fix critical and safety issues without further commissioning of services
  • User friendly dashboard reporting system gives instant project overview


The development diet plan is a process that maximises the fitness of a development based on the results of the health check.

The team systematically work through all issues raised by the health check matrix, evaluating and recommending a fix for each item until the project can be awarded a 100% health rating.

The recommendations are delivered in a concise user-friendly diet plan style report and our team are on hand to coach and support the process of implementation.

How does a diet plan work?

The diet plan process starts by discussing with the developer the results of the health check and their priorities and budget for the Design Diet.

Each issue raised by the Health Check and agreed by the client is then systematically processed by our experienced engineering team in order of the priority rating calculated during the Health Check.

Each issue is individually evaluated, options outlined and a final recommended “fix” detailed. The evaluation of each issue is processed with a conscious bias towards the developers overarching priorities. I.e budget reduction, sustainability, design quality etc.

Once processed all issues are re-scored within the health check and a new design health score attributed. Comparison statistics are also delivered in-line with the client’s diet priorities i.e. the clients main priority is budget reduction then figures are given on total and individual cost reductions if recommended “fixes” are implemented.

All the information is assembled into Diet plan and delivered to the client in electronic form.

How can you use the Diet Plan report?

The culmination of the Diet Plan is the Diet Plan Report which contains all information on the evaluation, options and recommended fixes.

The Diet Pan Report has been designed to be a multipurpose usable document for both the developer and design team.

The following outlines the major sections of the Diet Plan Report and their function:

  • The Diet Plan Report Dashboard – Like the Health check dashboard showing the new health rating, the number and of issues fixed, overarching figures based upon developer priorities i.e. construction cost reduction, percentage improvement in operational costs etc. The Diet Plan Report Dashboard gives the reader instant insight into the number of fixed issues and quantifiable improvement to the development.
  • The Diet Plan Summary – A concise summary of the evaluation and recommendation process. Each issue is listed by priority within each area of focus along with an issue tracking number, a short description of the issue, an outline of the recommended fix and the figures related to the impact of the fix on the overall design. This section is used to rapidly understand the nature of the issue and recommended fix, the reader can also use the issue tracking number from this page to quickly locate the issue in the detailed report section.
  • The Diet Plan Detail Document – The main body of the report consisting of detailed descriptions of the evaluation, option proposals and recommended fix for each individual issue. This section provides the design team and the developer the ability to fully understand the reasoning behind the recommended fix and the quantifiable figures regarding the fixes implication on the development.

Benefits of the AVEO Diet Plan

  • Maximises design in-line with developer priorities
  • Experienced specialist team appraising issues and providing fixes
  • Provides opportunity to fix all issues prior to construction
  • Expert advice on implementing fixes
  • Clear concise communication and reporting
  • Comparable improvement statistics

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Specialist SERVICES


We specialise in the meticulous production and concise delivery of construction specifications covering the international formats CSI, NBS, QCS and Devi-Soc.

Our experience in providing specification services to large scale residential, healthcare, higher-ed, K-12, commercial/civic and corporate developments covering more than 200 projects both domestic and internationally gives our clients the reassurance they need to know that they are in safe hands.

We add value to specification process by continuously improving and enhancing the quality of our clients “instruments of service” by applying techniques for knowledge and information management, ceaseless R&D and the provision of a technical “one stop shop” resource for project teams.

By creating bespoke “master format” documents that meet the needs of individual organisations and engineering consultancies we provide a base production tool for future in-house specification capabilities.

What We Offer

  • Specifications to suit any format including
    • NBS
    • French Format and Code
    • Qatar construction specification QCS
    • CSI Format
  • Company specific Master baseline specs
  • Manufacturer Specification
  • Multi-service specification coordination
  • Material selection
  • FF&E specification


AVEO consulting offers a comprehensive estimating service, relying on one of the most extensive databases in the region, drawn from the decades of experience by our team in the Middle East and African development sector.

We are dedicated to pre-concept documentation and legal frameworks and understand how important quality quantity surveying is to a project, taking great pride in utilising our team to ensure standards and reduce costs.

What We Offer

  • Cost management & funding
  • Budget forecasting
  • Post completion costing
  • Contractor financing


Modern design, development and construction contracts continue to grow in complexity and sophistication resulting in contracted parties becoming increasingly exposed to risk.

Our professionally qualified team manages contractual arrangements for a vast range of clients and developments from the international developer to local consultancies. Whatever the size, our commitment is unaltered in our provision of market leading customer centric support, focused on meticulous attention to detail and risk reduction.

What We Offer

  • Bid support and management
  • Contractual risk management
  • SOW, RFP and RFQ co-ordination
  • Dispute resolution
  • Contract preparation and deployment

Design & Budget Appraisal

We work with consultancies and developers to evaluate, standardise and maximise design drawings as well as the provision of key performance appraisals. These services facilitate life-cycle budget adherence whilst conforming to performance, reliability, quality and safety requirements. Our appraisal process meticulously evaluates every aspect of the design from improving material selection to applied systems performance, all impact benchmarked against the construction duration, project cost, system complexity and local market considerations.

An in-depth appraisal, recommendation and actioning report is provided to the client along with continuous implementation support.

What We Offer

  • Value engineering
  • Project cost analysis and budget adherence
  • Material evaluation
  • Systems evaluation and innovation
  • Project schedule analysis and adherence
  • Design feasibility assessment
  • Issue awareness – environmental & legal

Design Maganement & Technical Consultancy

Our team provide a bespoke design management and technical consultancy service to developers and consultancy tailoring our services to meet their exacting needs.

When partnering with consultancies we shoulder the burden of the technical and project management tasks giving design teams the freedom innovate safe in the knowledge that expert technical and management support is available whenever required; facilitating a seamless transition from design to construction.

Design Management and technical consultancy provide developers with an in-house expert that provide invaluable guidance and expertise throughout the entire life-cycle of the project; SOW appraisal, consultant engagement advice, budget forecasting, correspondence support etc.

What We Offer

  • Contractual support
  • Project set-up and controls
  • Executive advice and guidance
  • Architectural and managerial support
  • Design team management
  • Innovation frameworks
  • Quality control
  • Specialist recruitment and performance evaluation.
  • Project management advice

Project Document validation

We support developers by providing a validation process and detailed assessment report on project design documents prior to tender and throughout the project life-cycle. The report identifies discrepancies and inconsistencies that often lead to major claims, variation orders and scope of works alteration during the construction phase.

Document validation ensures that design documents are concise, well-coordinated and meet required regional building codes, whilst reducing stakeholder conflict, improving clarification of interrelationships and assuring the construction schedule

What We Offer

  • Tried and tested evaluation framework
  • Concise in-depth reporting
  • Implementation support