Driven by our passion to continuously improve the design and construction life-cycle we strive to offer the most comprehensive engineering services in the market, enabling our clients to realise their projects full potential.

About US

AVEO Consulting was established to address the industry need for transparent engineering services that add real world value to development projects and their stakeholders. In a complex industry we promote the essential benefits of our services, rather than the saturation of technical information.

In the development of our services we asked ourselves the following key questions:

  • Why do most development projects exceed budgetary expectations?
  • Why do most developments surpass the agreed date of completion?
  • Why do completed projects often not retain the essence of their original design?
  • Why does a developer/consultancy company need to be an engineering firm to understand the benefits of specialist engineering services?

After over twenty years working in the development and construction industry, we truly understand the challenges modern firms face. This deep understanding has given us the ability to answer these issues by developing our unique client-centric engineering

services. We offer the highest level of client engagement in the industry, ensuring project success through the strategic injection of specialist services throughout the development life-cycle.

As an international multidisciplinary team with a commitment to client satisfaction and best practice we focus on the following principles to maintain end develop our approach:

  • No project should exceed correct budgetary expectations
  • No development schedule should be exceeded
  • Protection of the design throughout the life-cycle is essential
  • Technical knowledge is not required to understand the benefits and operation of our services
  • Local knowledge is invaluable
  • Invest in building relationships with people
  • Only services which add value will be charged
  • A true open door policy for advice and support


National Assembly building of Angola Angola civic specification
AbuDhabi Public realm Master specifications UAE civic specification
Manateq Headquarter Qatar commercial specifications
shereen hotel iraq commercial conceptual design
WATERFRONT BOTANICAL GARDENS usa commercial specification & BOQ
Bank Med lebanon commercial specification & BOQ
Hotel Najaf Iraq commercial specification & BOQ
Staduim Angola Angola commercial specification & BOQ
Yabani restaurant lebanon commercial specification & BOQ
Solidere head office lebanon commercial specification & BOQ
coworking concept lebanon commercial conceptual design and management
Majesty showroom lebanon commercial conceptual design and development
court renovation lebanon commercial specification & BOQ
Sabah Al-Sakem  university Kuwait educational specification
american university of Iraq Iraq educational specification
Kesh hospital Iraq healthcare specification & BOQ
Sheikh ahmad al waeily Hospital Iraq healthcare specification & BOQ
Nestle Oryx Project UAE industrial specification
Presidental palace in algeria Algeria residential specification
Platinum Tower lebanon Residential project coordination
Dream City Iraq Residential design development
bennay complex villa lebanon Residential conceptual design and development
Hosn 440 lebanon Residential conceptual design and management
LCH Lebanon Residential shop drawings
Villa Najjar lebanon Residential specification & BOQ
Master specifications based on dubai Airports UAE transportation specification
King Abdul Aziz Road KSA transportation specification
Dubai international airport concourse C& D UAE transportation specification
Dahuk international airport Iraq transportation specification
king Abdul Aziz International Airport KSA transportation specification
Doha Port Qatar transportation specification